We started Passport Projects to develop beautiful, innovative, socially worthwhile software projects.

We aim to cultivate nourishing, ethical and rewarding relationships with those that work with us and those that enjoy our products

Passport Projects is an employee owned, self-funded company.



An experienced mobile software developer who created successful apps with over 10 million downloads.


A digital designer and producer with many years experience in educational software.


Writer, teller of stories and syllabus


A brilliant character designer, animator and ceramic artist.


Friendly customer support manager.


Fab graphic designer and branding expert.


Our meticulous QA tester.


Passport English, our first e-learning app is now live on the Google Play store and Apple store!

Free to play, and add free version available to purchase.

Have fun learning English with Joe and his friends and family!

Solve simple puzzles and play fun games!

Learn 400+ adjectives, pronouns and prepositions, 1200+ nouns, and 250+ regular and irregular verbs, including phrasal verbs, and hundreds of useful English idioms.

Master the details of English grammar, including tenses, modals and reported speech. Practice all the common tenses in English, including present simple, simple past, present perfect simple with simple, fun lessons.


We’re always looking for talented, self-motivated people to collaborate with. We encourage our team to follow their dreams outside of work as well as within it.
We’re interested in meeting educators with a background in e-learning and languages, game and UI designers with a eye for engagement and fun and iOS and Android developers with a background in React Native Redux or Linux back-end servers. We tend to work remotely, but when we do meet up it is in London and Barcelona.

Contact us at hello@passportprojects.com


Passport English feature graphicTech
18th August 2021

Enjoy learning and practicing your English with the Passport English app.

Want to enjoy learning English? Welcome to the world of Alice, Joe and their friends. Passport is the fun, fast and effective way to improve your English. Solve simple puzzles…
Passport English feature graphicTech
7th June 2021

Passport English app launched for Android and IOS.

After 5 years and 3 months in development, Passport Projects is incredibly excited to announce that the Passport English app has been released for Android on the Google Play store…
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